Solar System Resort



As part of our efforts to keep things green, the solar project at Cabin O' Pines Resort is the best addition yet towards reducing our impact on the environment.

In collaboration with the AEOA, Cabin O' Pines Resort on Pelican Lake in Orr, MN has installed a 12KW solar panel system, producing electricity year around. The 48 multi-crystalline panel grid system is 66' long X 12' wide. The array, which was installed by local contractors Purdy Electric, is located on the North side of the field located on the South side of the property. The system feeds power back into the grid, and reports back exactly how many pounds of hydrocarbons are being saved from entering the atmosphere every day.

The system is now operational, and we encourage you to come check it out and find out more about solar power!

Fishing Resort Garden
Cabin O' Pines Resort Orr, MN

The Garden

Reclaimed 5 years ago, The current Cabin O' Pines garden sits in the same spot it did over 60 years ago. Located behind the big cabin Splitrock, the garden exists in the same location that the Terska family once grew all of their own vegetables. Believe it or not, a few acres of farm land even existed at Cabin O' Pines in the early years.

Approx 30' X 60' the garden produces ample amounts of potatoes, tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, beets, strawberries and herbs every season. 

recycling aluminum


Cabin O' Pines also spends a great deal of time recycling all of the stuff you leave behind on your vacation. Aluminum is one of our largest collections, and as you can see it really adds up over one season!