Pelican Lake Fishing Resort

Beginning May and looking forward to the season it has been a warm year. The ice went off the lake the week following Easter and disappeared very peacefully. With the early ice out, there is potential for an expedited timeline for the fishing season. Usually Pelican Lake really turns on around Memorial Weekend. The crappies and walleyes are often biting strong by June 1st with the crappies spawning on the rocks in water temperatures right around 60 degrees. We may see however with the early spring those temperatures and cycles coming earlier.

Opening weekend is May 15th this year. We will have a fishing update for you after opener and will hopefully be able to provide some idea of what to expect this season. With the fantastic fishing we saw in 2020 and the very low winter pressure, we expect nothing less than the very best for 2021. Rumors abound as well about the DNR stocking more walleye fry in Pelican Lake during this season 2021.


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Pelican Lake Fishing Report

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