Pelican Lake Fishing Report

August 6, 2021

Late July into early August can be a slow time with the warmest water temperatures seen all year. Warm water usually slows activity as the fish become more lethargic. An abundance of food in the lake i.e. bugs and bait fish are keeping the big fish full as well. Despite the challenge however, fishing has still been excellent here on Pelican Lake. 

The last few weeks have seen a pretty steady trend in water temperature around 75 degrees. The weather has been dry and humid with hazy days ushered in by wild fires to the north. Anglers have been hoping to find the crappies and walleyes, but during mid summer they are usually content with a few nice northern pike, a basket of bluegills or some big belly bass. Although the latter fish are the easier target, the former crappies and walleye have been surfacing as well.

Reports of crappies are always mixed in early August. “Are they schooled up deep yet!?” Maybe, but hold your horses. Just a few nights ago, two young guys here at Cabin O’ Pines caught a beautiful 13″ crappie in about 4 feet of water right off the dock! Sand and weed bottom. Other anglers are still finding decent numbers of crappies in the weeds along sandy edges and drop offs as well. 10 feet and weeds still seems to be the right combination for the crappies. Don’t worry, they will school up deep but we believe the timer still has a few weeks left on it. 

Check out the recent weeks catch from Cabin O’ Pines Resort and Pelican Lake in Orr, MN.

Here’s a beautiful largemouth off the dock, plus several others notables