Pelican Lake Fishing Report

July 11, 2021

Fishing on Pelican Lake has been unbelievable this season. We are seeing more trophy bass, northern pike and walleye being caught on a consistent basis than ever before. Crappies are biting hard in the weeds, walleyes on the weed lines and big bass are still on the rocks in the evening. Live bait is the key this season with leeches and night crawlers providing the most action. Leeches do eventually loose their luster as the summer pans out, but night crawlers stay a consistent favorite along with crappie minnows and fat heads in the coming weeks.

A few great spots to try this season include the weed line South of Strand Island on the West end of the lake for big northern pike, walleyes and bass and the flats between Cope & Peterson Island and Bald Island for northern pike and walleye. The weed line South of Strand is very well defined and stretches for over a mile. Position yourself in about 10 feet of water between the deeper trench and the weed fields to the South of it.

Don’t forget to try the rock piles North of Island View Resort for big bass and northern pike as well as State Rock Point just to the west of Susan’s Bay for bass and panfish.

Deeper weed patches can sometimes hold crappies during mid summer as well as the weed lines like the one mentioned above South of Strand Island. Try searching for deep weed patches south of Backus and Bald Islands. Crappies will bite on beetle spins or a jig tipped with a crappie minnows.

Fishing off the dock at Cabin O’ Pines has been the most notable. Many have found no need to trek anywhere except right here for a pan full of fish for their shore lunch. Check out this 20oz Bluegill caught by Dominic last week off the dock here at Cabin O’ Pines.

Here are some more notable shots from just the last week!