Pelican Lake Fishing Report

June 7, 2020

So far the fishing season on Pelican Lake in Orr, MN has been excellent. Warm weather just before Memorial weekend helped to kick off activity over the holiday. Beautiful weather continued through the week and the water warmed up significantly before a cold front put the brakes on the final days of May. Temperatures were near 70 degrees before the front came through with cloudy and windy weather, then dropped for several days but have rebounded recently.

Initally over Memorial weekend the crappies were few and far between. The Bass however, Northern Pike and Walleyes were biting strong. The crappies became active after the weekend but were shut down by the weather along with just about everything else. After high pressure moved back in last week saw very stable conditions and several nice basket fulls of crappies; big walleyes and trophy large and smallmouth bass.

Crappies should still be on the rocks for the next week or so then heading back into the weeds. Bass will be prevalant on the rocks for the bulk of June and Walleyes have moved from shallower water back into the deeper holes and edges.

Hot Spots:

Saunders Bay- Big bass, bluegill and crappie can congregate during the warming weather in the lily pads and pencil reeds along the edges of the bay.

Strand Island- The deep trench on the south side of the island is a great place to troll for walleyes and big northerns.

Sugar Point – Another good place to troll for big northern and walleyes. Several sunken weed patches can hold crappie and bluegill as well.

Best Baits:

Wacky Worms – A storied favorite for big bass. Buy a pack of wackies and have fun all day. Fish the rock piles, dead heads and shorelines 4-6 feet.

Lindy Rigs/Bottom Bouncers – Leeches are our go-to for Lindy rigs this time of year. Find a good weed line or even the flats out in the middle of the lake. A great way to take advantage of a breezy day is to drift with a Lindy rig. Big northerns and walleyes are always hungry for a flashy leech.

Beetle Spins – A simple but effective crappie bait that always works when they are biting. 4-6lb test line on an open face spinning reel is your best setup.

Have fun, Be safe, Leave no trace.