Pelican Lake Fishing Report

August 8, 2020

Hard to believe it is August already! So far the season at Cabin O’ Pines is moving by like a locomotive with no rail cars. High occupancy levels, beautiful weather, excellent fishing and a long project list are surely contributing to the fast pace of the summer.

Fishing on Pelican Lake as mentioned above has been excellent in 2020. Big Bass and Northern Pike were the story though July with several nice walleyes and the occasional crappie limit being bragged about. Bluegill and perch fishing have been below average for the year, but pan fishermen have found a good supplement in the increased Northern Pike limit and healthy bass population.

Crappies have held pretty steady in the weeds. The best place, for now, is still 8-10 feet of water in the bronze broad leafed cabbage weeds found on most weed lines. Beetles spins and road runners are the best baits for casting or a crappie minnow and bobber for the more laid back outing. Usually if you are bobber fishing for crappies this time of year it is a good idea to include something flashy. The the stumps on the West end of the lake, near Strand Island have been productive for crappies so far in August.

With the water temperature holding at a pretty consistent 75 degrees, the walleyes are still fairly active in shallower water. Several anglers have reported finding them in 8-10 feet striking on crank baits and spinner baits. Red has been a good color all season for walleyes. Try the humps West of Island View Resort, or the South West corner of Verdicts Inn Island.

If you have never been to Saunders Bay for an evening of bass fishing, then be sure to take a note. Grab a pen, type it in, drop a pin, whatever you need. Saunders Bay is the Mecca of bass fishing. Whatever you’ve got in your tackle box; top water, middle water, bottom water…throw it out and have fun. More specifically, spinner baits, wacky worms, buzz baits, jitter bugs, poppers, they all work. There are an abundance of lily pads and pencil reeds holding fish plus some rocks points and weed lines holding more. There is also a rock pile located toward the South central part of the bay, marked with a buoy that can be an incredible spot to round out the evening. Just be careful, the buoy does mark one of the largest submerged boulders on the lake.