June 11, 2019 Fishing Report

Fishing on Pelican Lake has been quite good since Memorial Weekend. The crappies started biting the week following the holiday as the water reached 60 Degrees. Anglers were finding them on the rocks piles with success in size but in modest numbers. We did not see baskets/buckets/stringers full of crappies this season as large quantities were tougher to acquire without several hours of hard fishing. The weather played a small role as we have had breezy condition for much of the start of June.

In addition to finding crappies, early season walleye fishing is usually on the table as well. Walleyes have been biting on leeches and night crawlers on the weed lines with Lindy Rigs and bottom bouncers. You can find well defined weed lines West of Bald Island and South of Strand Island. Walleyes are also biting off the dock at Cabin O’ Pines. That’s Dave Trandahl above with a 25″ walleye caught off the dock over the weekend!

Northern Pike fishing is in full swing. Several 5lb-8lb Northern Pike have been brought in the last week with the largest so far at 33″. Northern Pike are biting on almost anything with a flash or live bait. You can troll weed lines, cast shorelines or fish rock piles for Northern Pike.

Bass fishing, both Large and Small mouth has been phenomenal so far this season. Pictured above is Debbie Seering who did very well fishing for bass while staying at Cabin O’ Pines. The dock at Cabin O’ Pines has been a hot spot for bass with the best part of the season still ahead of us. Bass bite the best early season on spinner baits and wacky worms.

Just this week the may flies and dragon flies have begun hatching. Usually this is a sign that the bluegills will spawning soon. The second-third weeks in June are usually peak fishing for bluegills and with the water temperature nearing 70 degrees, we should see limits of them coming off the lake very soon. Bluegills bite vigorously on wax worms, leeches, crawlers and beetle spins.


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