August 26th Fishing Report

August 26, 2019

With no shortage of action through July and August, guests to Cabin O’ Pines on Pelican Lake in Orr, MN were finding plenty of good fish to fry, lots of big fish to fight and definitely a few trophy fish to set free.

The Walleye bite was slow through the first part of August, but has picked up in recent weeks. We have seen many nice eaters, mid size fish and even several trophy Walleyes coming in. The weed lines are the main target right now and with the advancement in standard electronics, targeting Walleyes is becoming increasingly easy on Pelican Lake in Orr, MN. The preferred baits are still leech and crawler Lindy rigs with some anglers casting crank baits and deep running Rapalas with good success.

The crappies have been biting deep, North of Bald and Backus islands, but are not yet in a frenzy. Labor Day weekend is usually a great time to find a limit or two out in the hole however, there have been anglers working out there already. Lots of little crappies are being caught which is always a good sign of production along with plenty of mid size fish for the fry pan. Crappie minnows on a Swedish Pimple at 25′ is a good recipe for success.

*A good note to make is the care that needs to be given to any fish that does not re-submerge after release. Often times when brought up from deeper water fish will experience a pressure change in their swim bladder that does not allow them to re-calibrate their buoyancy. A process known as “burping” can sometimes work to relieve the pressure and allow the fish to dive back down and re-pressurize. To “burp” a fish simply hold it just under the water and apply pressure to the fishes chest on both sides. You may notice what feels like a balloon of air that you are attempting to release. If successful you may see bubbles come out of the fishes mouth. When done correctly the fish will usually take off and dive back down.

Bluegill, Bass and Northern Pike have been hitting the hooks with usual consistency. A few good places to try if you have never been include: State Rock Point, Bob & Annes Island or Krollmans Point. Fish with any style “Wacky Worm” “Spinner Bait” “Spoon” or live bait on a single hook and bobber in 4-6′ along a rocky shoreline to find success with these species.

Thanks for checking in with Cabin O’ Pines. We are open until the end of September and would love if you could join us for the fall or for next summer!

Thanks also to the great anglers below for providing photos of their catch!