Cabin O’ Pines Resort On Pelican Lake In Orr, MN

Main Dock

Expanding over the years from a single post dock no more than 30′ in length, the main dock now features over 500′ of floating walking surface. The main sections are all 8 feet in width and the whole dock offers excellent safety and stability. The main portion of the dock houses 8 easily accessible electrical pedestals for charging batteries as well as full length rubber to protect your boat from scuffs and scrapes. Rubber is also installed along the outer portions of the dock. The wing sections of the dock are connected at the center to a 24’X40′ floating deck, which is perfect for lounging, fishing, or just watching sunsets.

There is a natural rock bar that ends with a weed line just beyond the end of the dock, about 30′ feet out. From within the weedline and on the rocks where it is about 6′ deep, there are always spawning beds for big bluegills, northerns, bass and perch. Crappies will come in along the weedline in the evening, as well as walleyes that will move in and onto the rocks.

Plus, you never know when a mink might sniff your boot!