Birding and Wildlife

Being as far North as Orr, MN often lends itself to the feeling that we are only trespassers in a land populated by natural species that dominate every inch of what we hear, touch and see.

From the tiniest insects to some of the largest mammals, Northern MN is an amazing place to explore and experience countless acres of natural untouched wilderness. Grab your binoculars, cameras and hiking boots to prepare for your next wild adventure!

  • Birding Northern Minnesota & Pelican Lake Wildlife – For those enthusiasts who love catching a glimpse of the local wildlife, you won’t be disappointed by the wide variety of species found both on and off the waters of Northern Minnesota.  The migration of thousands of species of birds each year from Spring to Fall in Northern Minnesota provides endless opportunities to see them naturally. In addition, an endless number of other species of insects and mammals will undoubtedly keep your interest peaked. Check out the gallery below of different species of birds and wildlife captured around Cabin O’ Pines and Pelican Lake over the years!
  • Bird & Wildlife Guide – For a complete guide to bird and wildlife viewing in Northeastern Minnesota including a checklist of birds, trailheads w/map, and pictures and descriptions of common species please follow this link to: to download the free brochure. Have fun and please leave no trace of your visit!