Cabin O' Pines Resort Pelican Lake Orr, MN Largemouth Bass

Targeting Crappies, Late Winter Largemouth

0 Crappies 6 Largemouth Bass 2-4lbs, 14″-18″ Monday 3/18/19 3:00 PM Birch Forest Point Sandbar, 30″ of ice, 5′ of water. Caught On Crappie Minnows By Ross Coyer, Bill Purdy.

A Monday Moose

A Monday Moose

A Monday Moose By Ross Coyer  It was a brisk October 1st in Orr, MN when I made the decision to spend a few hours collecting hazard buoys from the various rock piles randomly lurking beneath the clear blue waters of Pelican Lake. The Association of resorts on Pelican Lake has spent several years managing…

Nice Largemouth

A Pile Of Great Pictures

Here are several great pictures from 2018 that we wanted to repost. Mostly Fish, but not all. Enjoy!  

Pelican Lake Blue Walleye

The Blue Walleye

Hopefully a lot of you guys saw this last Fall. In going through our pictures this winter we came across it again. We did quite a bit of research on the existence of blue walleyes when it was caught, and this was in our opinion the best picture, and arguably the bluest that we could…

The Reflection

Winter Newsletter

Check out the latest edition of “The Reflection” by Cabin O’ Pines. Winter Newsletter

ice fishing 3

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing is good on Pelican Lake in Orr, MN. Crappies, walleyes, northern and bluegill coming through all over. Two big pressure ridges trisecting the lake so far. Both running N/S, one from Island View to Aspen, the other from Krollmans Point to Strand Isle.

Main Dock

Ever wonder what happens to a dock over the winter?

Had some guests asking again over the weekend how the main dock goes in and out. This was done last spring on a usually beautiful day during the week before Memorial. The docks are kept in the bay near the boat house at Grey Wolf Lodge. The whole job takes less than 6 hours to…